Casa Hogar al Fin Foundation, a dream come true

Casa Hogar al Fin Foundation, a dream come true

For over 11 years, Casa Hogar al Fin has provided Caraballeda’s kids with love, education and a family’s heat.

In Casa Hogar Al Fin Foundation, for the last 11 years, there has been a compromise with the kids and teenagers’ education that live in their facilities located in Caraballeda. The Foundation dedicates itself to support and take care of these kids, keeping in mind that the main objective is to build a greater Venezuela.

Educating with values.

Picture by Mauro Libi Crestani, Enterpreneur, Facebook Oficial.

This year, the Foundation reaches its 11th anniversary and during all these years, it has served with the same commitment the kids and teenagers, and most of them are happy with their substitute or adoptive families, having marvelous lives autonomously and independently; maybe this is the  greatest achievement got until this moment and the biggest proud of the actions framed inside the Corporate Social Responsibility‘s policies.

The Libi Group is sure that these kids will be humans of inescapable duties that will be supporting the project for the country that we all dream about. The Foundation’s duty is about offering a stable and happy home for these unprotected kids that are not with their original family for different reasons. We hope that we can make a difference, through the Casa Hogar al Fin Foundation, beyond the material stuff and close to the things that human beings must be, it is a matter of sensitivity. The foundation’s vision must be focused on transforming men into responsible citizens, committed to our people, our roots. This institution is planting duties in the kids every day, as well as good ideas that they may not understand at first sight, but they will find them useful along with their life and those experiences will help them transform the world into a better place to live. All the things they have learned during their childhood will be understood when they face some obstacles in their lives. Also, it is well-known that the world can be better for everyone if we focus on education, responsibilities and stimulating our children’s dreams.

11 years providing kids a home where they can be.

 Picture by Mauro Libi Crestani, Enterpreneur, Facebook Oficial.

In the Casa Hogar al Fin Foundation, we have been working for over 11 years, helping kids and teenagers in a vulnerability situation related to their families. The Grupo Libi‘s Corporate Social Responsibility has its own goal in helping somehow the most vulnerable. This group has kept itself working hard on this project and making a big difference in the Venezuelan society with this contribution.

In the Casa Hogar al Fin Foundation, there are women committed to taking care of the children that live in the facilities and providing them with the familiar heat that they need, as well as the education that takes part in their growth. These women are the people entrusted to take care of all the details: tasks, special activities, etc.

The ones that have a life inside the institution assume the responsibility of keeping the best academic performance is the best from kindergarten until they get their high school degree, while they are under the foundation’s guardianship. This organization also provides integral care to these kids, such as medical, psychological, legal and any other kind of assistance they may need. The youngest children are already having their pre-school classes, learning and developing their potentials.

Education is a window for the opportunities that the kids are being provided within the Casa Hogar al Fin Foundation; we know that an educated kid, with principles and unbreakable moral values, will be a good citizen in the future and also will be a person committed to this country’s progress.


Avelina demonstrates its commitment with low-income families in Florida

Avelina demonstrates its commitment with low-income families in Florida

Miami, June 2019. Once again, Avelina shows its commitment with low income families in Florida through Feeding South Florida, the largest and most efficient food bank serving the Palm Beach, Broward, Miami-Dade, and Monroe Counties.

With a donation of more than 3,000 boxes of oatmeal, Avelina hopes to arrive to many Florida homes offering healthy and nutritional food that will be distributed through approximately 300 nonprofit Feeding South Florida partner agencies.

“We are proud of this charity because it allows us to stablish some alliances with different organizations, recognizing the high importance of our products for the good nutrition of all members of the family”, said Mauro Libi, CEO of Avelina Oatmeal.

Avelina oatmeal is manufactured and distributed from the City of Doral, Florida. We can also be found in Texas, Maryland, New York, and

On this vacation, enjoy a summer camp.

On this vacation, enjoy a summer camp.

Summer camps may be the perfect places for your kids where they can learn new things, have fun and live unforgettable experiences.

Experiences offered by summer camps are unforgettable, the ones who have gone to this kind of place know it very well; every year the number of families that bring their children to summer camps, this have caused an increase in the alternatives for the kids.

Sport is one of the most practiced activities in camps.

This boom has created a big variety of possibilities for kids during vacations, where they can enjoy a lot of outdoor adventures.

      • Practicing sports.
      • Living multiple adventures.
      • Learning languages.
      • Climbing mountains.
      • Going to the beach.
      • Enjoying the country.

On these camps, kids may have fun, learn how to interact with others at the same time, as well as sharing activities, earn autonomy, and, above everything else, living new and wholesome experiences, having the chance to make new friends.

On vacations, let’s go to a camp.

A summer camp is an unforgettable experience.

Kids always have the chance to have satisfying experiences in any of the camps they go, where they can learn how to be more tolerant, and living together with new people. They have to share everything, their room, their dining tables, and all these things create a perfect environment to make friends that will be playing the best games outdoors.

When kids are alone, they look for support on their new friends and the must take decisions independently, as well as learn from them in a development environment homework-free, and parent-free. On the vacation season, camps offer plans for kids from one to eight weeks. This time is crucial for them to improve social, affective and cognitive skills from a group of professionals that will be working to guarantee everyone’s calm and wellbeing.

What benefits can kids have on these camps?

The main subject on camps is that kids learn, have fun and save all the experiences they live every day, besides sharing all these good things with their schoolmates when they come back to classes. Kids in camps may learn:

    • How to live cooperating.
Kids learn the worth of wholesome living together and team work.
    • How to socialize.
    • How to improve their communication skills.
    • How to express themselves.
    • How to live together.
    • How to work in teams.
    • How to develop internally and spiritually.
    • How to experience freedom.
    • How to create and participate.

Parents that may have doubts about camps may attend to informative meetings or conferences so they may know directly from the camp’s staff about the things they offer and their facilities, their goals, and the group of professionals they have. One of the big benefits is that parents can also have their vacations, and being apart will help them understand the value of the family, this renovates their energies and they acknowledge the importance of enjoying together.

Al Fin Orphanage celebrated 11 years as a family

Al Fin Orphanage celebrated 11 years as a family

The organization’s anniversary week started with a celebratory mass of thanks in the local church, in which the orphanage’s youngest were baptized. The orphanage is a social initiative started by the Mauro Libi Crestani’s Grupo Libi / Libi Group, as one of its many Social Business Responsibility programs.

Children got to celebrate with the people who changed their lives.

The anniversary week also saw the participation of representatives of theDe Tripas Corazón Venezuela” / “Making do With What We Have Venezuela” Non-Profit Organization, who gifted stuffed animals to the children and donated formula, diapers and clothes to the organization. For the weekend, the organization planned a large meal for allies and collaborators, where they spoke of the daily chores that take place in the orphanage, and celebrated Mother’s Day.

“As always, we want to thank all the people, businesses, collaborators and, above all the Al Fin Orphanage staff for these past 11 years, in which we have helped over one hundred children to find their place in society, return to their birth families, be placed in foster homes and, in many cases, have our orphanage become the home itself they needed,” said Reina González, director of the Al Fin Orphanage.

During the anniversary week, the Foundation welcomed many different collaborators, institutions and socially-conscious individuals who offered their help and donations to the more than 30 children who currently live in the orphanage.





Frimaca offers their infrastructure in order to preserve medical supplies

Frimaca offers their infrastructure in order to preserve medical supplies

Frimaca, the logistics operation specializing on freezing and refrigeration presided by Mauro Libi Crestani, announced via social media that it would provide hospitals, clinics, laboratories and other medical services with their iceboxes to preserve medicines and supplies, during this electrical supply crisis which has been affecting the country since this past March 7.

Frimaca can be found at the Urbanización Industrial El Encantado, main highway, warehouse number 1, Macaracuay, at the El Hatillo municipality, Miranda.


You can also contact us through the number 0212-718-50-55 and

See image in Twitter

Frimaca, C.A.@Frimaca_ve

To all hospitals, clinics and medical units that need to keep their supplies in iceboxes, please count on us. ¡Help us reach more people! #Apagonvenezuela

Supervising The Production Helps Perfect Product Quality

Supervising The Production Helps Perfect Product Quality

Food production must adhere to the highest standards of quality, which adds an intangible worth to the manufacturer, not only by helping maintain the health and wellbeing of the people, but also by earning the trust of both the local and international markets, all which are factors when it comes to establishing strategic alliances.

Perfecting quality

In order to perfect the quality of the Avelina products, the company counts among its ranks with qualified personnel that sticks to the processes created by the company itself, while also performing regular revisions of the production processes in order to ensure that only the best oatmeal reaches the tables of families all over the country.

Maintaining their standards of quality is one of the main responsibilities all manufacturers in the food sector must assume, and Inproceca is no different, always ensuring the safety and quality of its products.


Reviewing all processes involved in making sure food quality is the best is a sure-fire way to expand to both national and international markets, where production, conservation, presentation and commercialization of food items are at the top when it comes to priorities.

By adhering to its established processes, Avelina has reached this international expansion as well as the opening of processing plants such as Food Group International and Inmolisa, which has made it a shining example of entrepreneurship and growth, reflected in the goals the company has reached.

Besides, at the end of 2018, Inproceca reached an agreement with Laser Airlines that will have Avelina Golden Bars offered to all passengers of international flights, as part of their catering service.

Another important and strategic commercial alliance the company achieved was with several hotel chains, such as the Eurobuilding Hotel & Suites Caracas, Tamanaco Internacional Caracas, J.W. Marriott Hotel Caracas, Renaissance Hotel and Marriott Maracay Hotel & Golf.


These prestigious hotels will offer their guests, visitors and general clientele a healthy, oatmeal-based breakfast choice, with the aim to take the high-quality of their products to all hotels around the country.

Sticking to regulations

From the entrepreneur to the businessman, all regulations must be obeyed, as they exist to ensure the food that reaches the public is safe, nutritious and healthy, having gone through the adequate processes of everything starting from its sowing, in order to avoid, above all, making the population sick or hurting the environment.


In Venezuela, regulations are managed by the Comisión Venezolana de Normas Industriales (COVENIN) under the legal framework of:

  • Disinfection and Health Regulations
  • Regulations for the Import, Manufacturing and Sales of Food Products
  • General Food Regulations

This branch of government, in charge of supervising the quality of food items, establishes technical regulations and imposes the conditions or characteristics inherent to each food item, including their packaging and wrapping.


Other regulations that apply to the food sector is the National Nutrition Institute’s Good Practices Norms’ for Food Manufacturing Micro-Businesses, which lays down the basic principles and proper practices necessary in order to eliminate, prevent or bring down to acceptable levels all possible food-contamination risks present during the manufacturing, packaging, storing and transport of food meant for human consumption.

Mi Avena Foundation benefits thousands of students in Miranda state

Mi Avena Foundation benefits thousands of students in Miranda state

Mi Avena Foundation hopes for this school period 2018-2019, to support the educational institutions of Miranda state with 9 tons of oat flakes and oat bran, in order to continue promoting: good nutrition and education in the country through its program started in 2017.

Supporting the Nutrition of Children

Mi Avena Foundation provides support to 20 educational institutions in the Paéz and Zamora municipalities of Miranda state, by donating oat flakes and oat bran to reach the goal of 9 tons during the school period of 2018-2019, reaching out to benefit 5,474 preschoolers and schoolchildren from these institutions through this program.

The Foundation’s commitment is to contribute to the nourishment of the youngest children, by providing necessary vitamins and nutrients for their development and growth, in addition to diminish school desertion.

The program Mi Avena Foundation comprises from contributing with the nourishment to Nutrition and Educational Workshops for the parents. Besides that, the communities are even offered endeavor tools in their different locations.


The Mi Avena Foundation is a non-profit organization created in 2017. This foundation was born from a group of Venezuelans aware of the need to help schools and institutions with scarce resources; providing a positive impact in the communities, also by bolstering this program with the support of the Bengoa Foundation in the public schools of Miranda state.

The Mi Avena Program also includes the community nutrition, the design and execution of inclusive nutrition projects around the communities, encouraging its members to identify and solve community problems as individuals responsible for health care.

Moreover, the nutritional evaluation was carried out by the specialists of the Bengoa Foundation, who prepared nutritional recommendations consonant with the nutritional diagnosis of their representatives.


In the same way, are offered training workshops on the use of available resources to achieve adequate nutrition, taking into consideration:

  • Scarce resources
  • Food hygiene
  • Prompt feeding in early childhood

This program is promoted by the Libi Group as a part of its social responsibility program, positioning itself with the Casa Hogar el Fin Foundation in the main social programs of Avelina.

Casa Hogar al Final Foundation

With 10 years of activity the Casa Hogar al Fin has remained in Caraballeda with the sustained support of the Libi Group, as an initiative of businessman Mauro Libi Crestani and his family, providing shelter to girls and boys at risk.


Children receive comprehensive care (medical, legal and psychological), as well as, formal and complementary education by specialists and caregivers, who are responsible for providing the warmth of home for all who live in the house.

Over the course of 10 years, the Casa Hogar al Fin has been the home of more than 120 children, who has become today good men contributing to Venezuela’s growth.