Libi Group reaps triumphs in more latitudes

Libi Group reaps triumphs in more latitudes

Grupo Libi advances with its leading brand Avelina, presents itself at international events to show the quality of a 100% Venezuelan product.

The #GrupoLibi has reached a new step, sharing with pride through its social networks its presence in two international events where it showed the best of its 100% Venezuelan quality products, in different states of the USA, as well as the inclusion in the Chamber of Commerce of Miami of the food processor that operates in this country #FoodGroupInternational.

Wearing the best of Avelina

Image from Mauro Libi Crestani Businessman Official Facebook

This week Avelina was present at @americasfoodandbeverageshow, considered the most important commercial event of the sector in the western hemisphere of #EstadosUnidos. On this occasion it had almost 10,000 participants interested in discovering new products and brands for different markets worldwide.

The food processor located in the United States, #FoodGroupInternational was part of this event with more than 400 exhibitors, there presented the wide range of products @avelina_ve. In addition to the oatmeal marketing options for #FoodServices and animal consumption.

Image from Mauro Libi Crestani Businessman Official Facebook

 Likewise, the triumphs continue, so they celebrate their steps in the hope of continuing to grow in the market, maintaining their commitment to expand their distribution network so that the @avelina_ve brand can increasingly reach places in #EstadosUnidos.

In this way, Avelina was present at # Jake’sFinerFood, a space designed by our broker and allied distributor for the State of #Texas, offering the opportunity to show details of all its products to:

  • Potential customers.
  • Supermarket and independent chains.

Confident in the quality of its product, the Avelina company is completely sure of obtaining excellent news about the incorporation of the brand in these markets, expanding the presence of Avelina in other cities of the North American country, through its participation in food fairs with international recognition, as in the event like Summer Fancy Food Show, held in New York.

Avelina in the Miami Chamber of Commerce

Image from Mauro Libi Crestani Businessman Official Facebook

Mauro Libi Crestani shared the great news of the inclusion of Avelina as an active member of the Miami Chamber of Commerce, through #FoodGroupInternational, the food processing plant located in the south of #Florida, to serve this market and from there to the rest of the North American country.

Being part of this business conglomerate is a recognition of the work and an effective way to achieve networking with which the @Avelina_ve brand will continue to be strengthened, strengthening the commitment assumed to continue with an efficient management that represents our country and the effort of the Venezuelans.

Image from Mauro Libi Crestani Businessman Official Facebook

This inclusion and participation in other events is part of the process of expansion in the North American market, initiated in 2017, with the entry of its different product lines to South Florida and whose distribution has been increasing to the north. In this way, Avelina continues to reap successes as an organization and as a brand, with the commitment that characterizes them and the quality that represents them.




Mauro Libi explains the importance of food safety

Mauro Libi explains the importance of food safety

In the Libi Group they take care of food safety as leading processors in Venezuela with the Avelina brand.

Mauro Libi Crestani, president of the Libi Group, addresses an important current issue related to the work of this company and is about food safety, being understood as a shared responsibility, both for food producers and for processors and The final consumer of the product.

Promoting food safety

Mauro Libi, who leads Venezuela’s most important food processor, Inproceca, understands the responsibility of maintaining food and even safe water (absent from all types of biological, physical and chemical hazards), as an essential requirement for public health.

According to figures from the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, about 600 million people get sick and 420,000 die due to the consumption of food contaminated by bacteria, viruses, parasites or chemical substances. In addition to health damage, they cause serious economic losses, especially to low and middle income countries.

This registry also ensures that harmful foods impede the development of many low and middle income economies, causing them to lose productivity estimated at $ 95 billion due to diseases, disabilities and premature deaths.

The food business moves 1.6 trillion dollars, equivalent to 10% of total annual global trade. Given all these aspects, the UN has promoted food safety through its agencies dedicated to Food and Agriculture and the World Health Organization.

Safety is also one of the requirements of food security, linking with the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), whose effort is aimed at ending hunger and poverty, as well as promoting health and well-being. Therefore, the UN published a guide that includes five measures in the parties involved in the food distribution chain:

    1. Ensure that food is not dangerous.
    2. Cultivate without risk by adopting practices that minimize environmental impact and climate change.
    3. Handle food carefully.
    4. Confirm that they are harmless.
    5. Work simultaneously, both regional, national and international public bodies, together with consumers and producers, academic and research sector, with private sector entities.

Inproceca: the first food processor in the country

Under the direction of Mauro Libi, Inproceca is the food processor dedicated to the production, marketing and distribution of oats, expanding to other borders with the Food Group factory in the United States and Inmolisa in Chile, supplying through them the product packed to retailers and the food service industry, in addition to providing the main companies in the food industry with raw material.

Image from the Official Avelina Facebook

For this company food safety is a priority in each of the oat production processes, reflected in the Kosher certification, for its high quality of consumption, defining it as a complete and suitable food.

Likewise, the products processed in oats under the leading brand Avelina go through the strictest quality controls, becoming an export product, leaving the Venezuelan people high. In addition, it maintains the premium quality with high nutritional content that offers its consumers a promise of healthy life, with delicious flavors for the enjoyment of the final consumer.

Best Ideas to Educate Children

Best Ideas to Educate Children

People learn to be parents as they go, there is no school for that. We want to offer you 12 ideas to help you in the work of the world.

Educating children means raising men and women for the future. This is both science and art we learn through practice and love. We, as parents, tend to apply what we learn with our own parents. Nowadays, we need more tools so the education of children is easier, and without the fear of making a mistake and cause harm to our children

12 Tips to Educate Children

  1. Children can do the same as their parents because they learn by imitation. We are their role models, we have to watch their behaviors and be a good guide for their rest of their lives. Every little thing matters, like us saying please so they too can say it.
  2. Keep your promises whether they are good or bad. Our children will trust us and respect us more as we keep them. When we promise, for example, to go to the park if they pick up the toys, we have to keep it, and be ready to do so when they finish their task.
  3. Be at their same level when talking to themso your eyes meet theirs. It is a very powerful and positive tool to talk to them. Creating bonds let us know what they feel and think.
  4. Paying attention is another tool that helps children handle their emotions. They may feel frustrated when they cannot express what they want. When we repeat and analyze what they tell us, we help them release the tension, feel better and respected. Doing this prevents tantrums.
  5. Surprise them if they behave well. When they are responsible or well-mannered we have to reward them, and scold them for their miss behavior. It is important to praise them so they do not get used to negative attention.
Spend quality time with your children
  1. Choose wisely. Ask yourself if it is necessary to intervene or if it will escalate the conflict.
  2. Instructions must be simple and clear so the child understand what is expected of him.
  3. Accountability and consequences. Make them accountable for their actions, and teach them there are consequences.
  4. Say things once and act. It is best to avoid empty threats so they are not ignored. Just say it once, and the act if necessary.
  5. Children love to feel important.They are active family members. It will make them feel appreciated and they will be proud of letting a hand, thus boosting their self-steam and making them feel responsible.
  6. Anticipate to possible outcomes.In the case of an important event that we might not go, is good to plan ahead with time and let them know we need their understanding and help.
  7. Have a good sense of humor to ease those rough edges. Keep the children happy without mocking them or making jokes about their flaws. When it comes to laugh everyone should do it.
Educate with values
Values are taught at home

Besides following these advices to avoid conflicts and increase your son’s trust in you, use these ideas to help them grow and be better people. Teach them that values are learnt at home by coexisting and establishing rules to live with other people.

Apply these tips alongside with honesty, and we will make values a habit that, in turn, will help them to have good friends and their recognition.




Tips to Feed your Children on Vacation

Tips to Feed your Children on Vacation

We have to pay attention to their diet while on vacation.

For children to have a healthy and happy growth is necessary to look after what they eat. Teaching them good eating habits has an effect in their development. We have to be careful during vacations since it is more likely they have a disorganized eating schedule because they are having fun, and forget to eat well and have a good nutrition. That is why we are going to give you some tips to watch what they eat during the season:

Have fun without forgetting to eat well
  1. Avoid taking your children frequently to fast food joints. Reduce the number of times you do not eat at house.
  2. Avoid eating sauces, especially mayonnaise or heavy cream. They offer too much fat.
  3. Avoid eating fried food with your meals.
  4. Make the most out of children being at home. Invite them to buy groceries, fruits and vegetables they want and choose among the healthy options.
  5. Try to cook with your children. You can make vegetable or fruit salads, and make that moment a pleasant and funny experience for everyone.
  6. Avoid soft drinks, and go for water or natural juices without sugar.
  7. If you are traveling, bring healthy snacks with youlike cereal bars, whole cookies, nuts or fruits, and not sweets high on sugar.
  8. Keep in your pantry nutritious products. Eat only what you buy, plain and simple.
  9. Never skip breakfast. Teach your children that the first meal is important and, no matter where they go, they have to do it and try to make it balanced on proteins and carbs, thus making sure they are well feed and with energy the whole day.
  10. Family meal.Eating together creates eating schedules, and sitting on the table prevents eating in between meals.

During trips, children tend to forget their eating schedules so they do not miss all the fun. Parents must be aware they children eat properly.

Include fruits as substitutes for snacks

The daily diet should include various nutritious products so children learn what to eat, to have a healthy diet, and to have a better growth. Among those essential products for a healthy and happy development we can find:

  • Dairy: is rich in calcium, phosphorus, and vitamin D.
  • Meat: proteins are important to create new tissue and to stimulate the growing hormone.
  • Fruits: its high content in Carbone hydrates gives children energy and keep them hydrated.
  • Legumes: they provide vitamins, minerals, and iron.
  • Fish: they are a source of omega 3 and fatty acid, which is impossible for the human body to produce them naturally.
  • Water: it is essential to keeps us hydrated.
  • Vegetables:they provide minerals and vitamins.
  • Cereals: they provide energy and help proteins to do their natural functions.

Mauro Libi Crestani recommends: Children of the Libi Group Celebrated Children’s Day

Mauro Libi Crestani recommends: Children of the Libi Group Celebrated Children’s Day

The Group Libi made with the children of its employees Children’s Day with many activities designed especially for them.

It is a thought on them, in games, in smiles, for that curiosity and innocence with which they view the world, and many reasons why more time is necessary to be enjoyed and celebrated. With this activity, since they were #GrupoLibi wished the children a great and happy day.

Caring for the future of the country at the Casa Hogar al Fin

In the Foundation Casa Al Fin there is a commitment to the education of each and every one of the children and teenagers that live within their facilities. The dedication in the caring and the support that are given to these young people can build a Venezuela full of hope. Because they’re the future of this country, and that means that if we do not give them the proper education and set of skills that they need to create a good future for us, then what are we really doing that matters?

Along this effort grows the security that these youth will eventually become men and women with an extensive set of values, that will join the accomplish the project of country that we all dream of. When we started this wonderful project here in Libi Group, the main goal was to give a stable and happy to homeless children, who by multiple factors were not in a home with a family that gave them care and love.

This year arrived at its 11th anniversary celebrated in family and in that time we have served with the same commitment to children and teenagers who nowadays are happy, most of them are in foster or adoptive families, doing wonderfully, making their lives autonomously and independently, becoming one of the greatest achievements reached so far and the most important pride of their Corporate Social Responsibility programs.

The footprint that we have to leave in this world goes beyond the material, must be of humanity and sensitivity, vision should be focused on transforming men into citizens committed to our people, with our roots. Give them enough for them to learn to love their origins, to be proud of who they are and in that way we might create a better Venezuela in the near future, one where our patriotic symbols, beliefs and culture in general cab be appreciated more by our own people.

Sow values ​​in children, inculcating ideas, although they do not understand them properly at the time, is a daily task, and life will give them the tools they need to decipher in them the things they will remember over time and get the knowledge from it to provide them in their development process. In our hands is the possibility of transforming the world simply with education, values ​​and encouraging the dreams of children. All we need is to give their minds enough good experiences, good advices for their lives, give them humble and nice ideas in order for them to envision an image of the world they want to make for themselves.

The Casa Hogar Al Fin Foundation has more than 11 years serving children and teenagers in unprotected family state, in other words, unsafe families that fail to give them security or a good childhood, standalone love and care. Corporate Social Responsibility, the Libi group looks for some way to benefit the most vulnerable, we continue to work and leaving an important mark in Venezuelan society with our contribution.

A child that grows up enjoying of a safe place, love, care and all the things a child needs, will have a greater ability to create for himself a future of greater opportunities. That’s what the Libi Group builds in its #SocialCommitment with #Venezuela.

Mauro Libi Crestani recommends: Tips for family holidays

Mauro Libi Crestani recommends: Tips for family holidays

When planning the family vacation there are many things to consider, so it takes time and dedication to get the best experience.

When it comes to the holidays in family time and dedication is required to organize the best travel that everyone will enjoy and achieve the most important thing: spend quality time with family.

Recommendations to have the best holidays

Organize activities for all family members

Today it is very difficult to have time to devote exclusively to one thing, therefore taking into account the resources you have, here are some tips that can be taken into account to achieve the Best family trip:

– Be aware of the ages, the health conditions and personal preferences of each household members. The place must have choices of activities for all generations of the family. That way no one will feel like they were not considered or taken into account.

– Get together with family and make a brainstorming to plan vacations together, so both parents and children choose the destination and trip planning, ensuring the success of the holiday. You don’t have to guess everything tempting the possibility to get something wrong, even if you know everyone in your household, you can’t read minds and therefor you cannot possibly know if anyone wants something specific, or do not want.

– For parents it is desirable to fix up a group budget and set a budget for each Member for their own expenses, including children, calculating the prices per person for the trip and including some contingency budget, something little that will be helpful In case of an emergency. It is important to assess the needs of each family members and meet their expectations as best as possible and take them into account when making the final selection.

Prepare your luggage in advance

– Involve all generations and allow to select certain activities for them to feel taken into account and excited about the trip. For children, it could motivate them to investigate online to find things they would like to do in the place they are visiting.

– Be flexible as to the needs of each generational family group, although everything is planned, if any of the family members decide to do something different, let them do it without resistance to not alter or cause group tensions, as long as it doesn’t leave the main objective of enjoying with the whole family aside.

– It is very helpful to do a list of what everyone should carry on luggage for the trip, Knowing the place to know what would be the most useful things to take and leave what would not be necessary to not exceed limits on luggage or pay overweigh luggage fees. Similarly, with children check how many toys they can carry, take the preferred for sleeping, that’s one you cannot miss, is a good exercise to learn how to make your own luggage.

Prepare medicine cabinet they do not require a prescription and are often used for headaches, dizziness, stomach pains, allergies, etc.

– When you go on vacation, capture all those moments shared with family Relax, enjoy and experience everything new that all of you expect from this holidays season.

Plan outdoor activities

In addition to de-stress, the holidays are the perfect time to share with family and spend quality time with children. To do so, parents can organize outdoor games or other activities that make everyone want to share in family.

It is important to make these unforgettable holiday, enjoy every moment, even the incidentals which can be even better to what we could plan. The trips are for it, get out of the routine and experience unique and special moments and achieve the best rest and have the best memories.


Mauro Libi Crestani recommends: #IAmInproceca: Integrating workers to success

Mauro Libi Crestani recommends: #IAmInproceca: Integrating workers to success

The Libi Group maintains its focus on raising the pride of each worker with #IAmInproceca campaign.

With the mission of being one of the best processing of foods company in the country, Libi group maintains its focus on raising pride in each of its workers which are part of the great family that makes up the company with the campaign #IAmInproceca, A structured plan to boost our institutional values.

Campaign Objectives

Performing a thorough analysis in all areas of work and staff performance, it was concluded about the importance of raising the spirit of all staff through actions that generate welfare and growth and this is part of what will be developed to achieve the scope of each of the goals this year:

  • Continue to train workers for personal and professional growth.
  • Continue to create common spaces and of participation, to distribute responsibilities, with the motivation to create a sense of usefulness and necessity within Inproceca.
  • Celebrate the achievements of each worker: Because their success is the success of everyone who integrates Libi Group. With this it is created an “us” in every aspects and is strengthen the spirit within the organization.

Today, the Libi group is a business group doomed to meet the highest standards of quality in any area developed by companies that integrate it and human talent who daily perform their duties to visualize a better future, for their dedication is vital to achieving each of the goals set as an organization.

That is why, to stimulate the institutional values ​​identified, has been launched the #IAmInproceca campaign which seeks mainly the strengthening of each of the collaborators of the company, the commitment not only to the brand Avelina, But also with Venezuela, that needs of people who contribute with their work and dedication, showing the pride of producing for the best country in each of those who make life in the plant Inproceca.

Libi Crestani Mauro understands the responsibility that goes beyond leading the Libi group, the commitment is with each of the workers who daily come into the facilities of all member companies and give their best in the work they are entitled to. They, like many, put the 100% of its energy to continue growing in this country that is still great in front of so many adversities.

Promoting the integration in the enterprise

The Libi group made a day dedicated to coexistence and integration with managers and supervisors of the companies Frimaca and Inproceca as a deserved and very needed activity to exchange views and recharge from experience and knowledge, and it can result highly motivating for the workers.

As a leader and entrepreneur, Mauro Libi understands the commitment to give their workers professional tools and human growth. Therefore, he encourages events that promote the integration of its employees to be reflected in company productivity and quality of their products.

The renowned Venezuelan journalist @annavaccarella, and the lecturer and business consultant @atilioromerop accompanied the collaborators on the day of coexistence and integration for corporate personnel in Frimaca and Inproceca in the facilities of Corporate Posada de Altamira.

The message of the renowned Venezuelan journalist Anna Vaccarella was motivator for workers and Frimaca Inproceca companies, who were pleased to participate in this day and encouraged them with positive thoughts in their daily lives.